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Inovus, Inc. is an organization design consulting firm.  We work with organizations first to establish a comprehensive strategy and second to support that strategy with appropriate processes, systems, and structure.  We also offer general business and management consulting to selected service, manufacturing, and not–for–profit organizations.

We are widely recognized as a source of dynamic, innovative programs to help organizations maximize the effectiveness of their human and financial resources.  Unlike firms that offer stock services in strategic management and organizational effectiveness, our work combines consulting in strategy formation and organization design with insights into the way the capabilities of individual managers and the culture of the organization contribute to its range of alternatives and its competitive strength.  The result is powerful information that recognizes the points of greatest potential, highlights strategic opportunities, and enables widespread and effective implementation of organizational initiatives.

We most often work with small to medium-size organizations that are about to undergo a significant change—in business strategy, management, ownership, or product/service offerings.  We also work with organizations that have lost their sense of direction, either through weak management or failure to react coherently to gradual changes in the business environment.  


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Location               Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Telephone            770-673-0157

Facsimile             770-673-0199

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